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An example of art from the booklet accompanying A Man Overboard by the Captain and his Buccaneer Oarkestra. It was also utilized in the video for the song, "The Twister" from that CD.

A label I made for some homemade pesto some of my friends got for Christmas in 1998. I electronically doctored a scan of a too-dark Polaroid my mom took of my husband on a bike. Then I laid some of the basil from my garden directly on the scanner, scanned it, and added it to the image.

My experience with copy editing and proofreading goes back to 1987 when I began work as a proofreader for the Texas Legislative Council here in Austin, Texas. I worked there for ten long years, then went on to do some copy editing for Holt Rinehart Winston and proofreading for Ralph McElroy Translations before settling into my current pleasant rut of freelance copy editing and proofreading for UT Press on a regular basis and for a couple of other clients on occasion.

My experience with computer graphics goes back to about 1996. Since then I've taught myself Photoshop, Illustrator, QuarkXpress, InDesign and HTML (pretty much--I let Dreamweaver, my current visual HTML editor of choice, do most of it). I have designed t-shirts, my own and others' web pages, posters, and original art. I get to do some web design and assorted graphics projects at my current day-job, in the Engineering Library at The University of Texas at Austin.

My experience in layout and design goes back to the 3rd grade, when I constructed a booklet as a science assignment on the subject of dogs. The first section is on Working Dogs, and begins, "A working dog is a dog with a job." It is profusely illustrated with pictures cut out of magazines. In 1979 and 1980 I was co-editor of ContempoCulture, a local "punk-era fanzine" (as it was once referred to in an Austin Chronicle article). Desktop publishing was not even a sparkle in our red-rimmed eyes in those days. In addition I edited and laid out The Third Dimension, newsletter of the Texas Society of Sculptors from March of 2000 to September 2003.

Enough about me. If you're interested in hiring me for something or other, appropriate references and portfolio can be furnished. Email or snailmail me.

Ellen Gibbs

P O Box 3272 Austin, TX 78764

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