• ManChildATX
  • The Captain and his Buccaneer Oarkestra
  • The Meat Purveyors
  • The Horsies
  • KUT
using computer-based graphics
and traditional media
(oil and acrylic painting
and regular old drawing).

ManChildATX's debut is not a CD per se but if it were this would be the cover. Released July 2012.


The Horsies used the middle of my acrylic painting Alive With Pleasure for their 1995 CD, Trouble Down South. The whole painting is a lot wider.
This is the cover illustration for The Captain and his Buccaneer Oarkestra's 1998 CD A Man Overboard. It was created electronically by combining images supplied by The Captain and myself. So it doesn't exist in 3-D. For more info on this process, and to see illustrations from the lyrics booklet that accompanies this CD, see my desktop publishing page.

The fabulous and much-ballyhooed Meat Purveyors used my painting End Messy Cleanup on the cover of their CD Sweet in the Pants (1998).

This was one of a series of oil paintings I did a few years ago with the theme of mail-order catalog products.

In 2006 KUT approached me to use the Grackle Con Chee-to painting on the cover of their Live CD, then asked if I had another painting for their next one and I came up with the Barton Springs one ( colorized it for them). Weirdly similar paintings, although I didn't realize it til I saw them side by side.
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