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The Legacy Of A Man Overboard

Even as a kid The Captain dreamed & dressed up as a cutthroat pirate; he roamed the seven seas in quest of adventure. The heathen robbed & pillaged Her Majesty's coffers then amscrayed for desert isle; feasted he then with lass & lad on Bar-B-Q & coconut custard, washed down with rum & ale in barrels piled to the sky. The pipsqueak of a small-fry learned he the electric guitar & shaped Buccaneer Rock from the void, where the fixings of pirate histrionics & gut-wrenchin', metal bendin', rock dynamos sweetly blend. Then by miraculous skittleskis: BuckRock 'twas Born! Shiver me Timberskis!

In 1980 The Captain released Urban Buccaneer, an arte-cassette that strode the fulcrum of Sir Henry Morgan & John Lydon, time-married as it is, or Errol Flint collaboratin' wid The Clash in an irksome injun arm-wrestle to the deathski. This punkish performance art punctured the Austin New Wave scene & carved out a pretty niche for his Dueness that left some DUMBfounded; others, in an Oaffish stupor; but most transformed in a moist magical trance, happier than pond frogs swimmin' in whiskey mash.

Time Machine her up seventeen years later as Mr. Captain releases the sequel, A Man Overboard: a twenty-five song , sixty-minute compact disc, jamm-packed with goodies. The platter is an offering of Pop-Pirate crackerhash that's ever-tasty, bite for scrumdideliumptious bite. She's a concept project that necessitates continuous play, groove by groovy groove fur heightened scintillation. The gentle tones will perk up yur ears, higher than a cruisin' puppy on a rollercoaster forgin' 427 miles per hour thru a kaleidoscopin' wind tunnel. With an equilibrium of instrumental & lyric songs you go ahh, just right! Ahh, Perfecto!

A twelve-page booklet, with art by Ellen Gibbs, provides icons that aptly accompany chanteyland, & yet tweak the tones with harmonious image, an easy odyssey for the listener, oiling squeaky joints & rusty riffs wih icons along the way.

Picture & Poesy sweetly blend! Sight & Sound abound! Eyecon & earcon mutate blissfully to one! Oh sweet synesthesia!

A Man Overboard stumps the gamut of form & leaves her stumped: rollicking rockers, skas in a scabbard, pusillanimous polkas, lumbering lounge, electric sea chanteys, circus hurdy-gurdy, carnival pipe organ: all boil & bubble in a hybrid sea gumbo of sound & fury, begotting nothing but maybe Beauty & the Beast.

Get her! Buy her! Hold her! Squeeze her! Listen to her! Look at her! Marvel lads & lasses, again & again! OK? Includes a voracious cavalcade of famous musicians who first-chair the FuFu Oarkestra: Doctor Stix! John Mills! Jeffrey Barnes! Little Jack Melody!

Humbly Your Lardship & Most Humble Servant, The Captain 1-31-00

Got a minute? Or several hundred? Here's some music and video samples.

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